Using Edison Light Bulbs In Nostalgic Interior Designs

Although historians now agree that Thomas Edison didn’t actually invent the light bulb but rather just patented it, he remains an important figure that will forever be associated with the incandescent light bulb. Today, the light bulb is more than just a source of light inside our homes. It’s also an instrument of interior design.

Light fixtures that let the light bulb stand out and be visible instead of hiding it are quite interesting. They’re particularly spectacular when used to add an industrial element to a décor.

Emphasize the beautiful glow of the light bulbs by putting them in clusters to form a chandelier or simply an impressive and eye-catching light fixture for the living space.{found on trulinea}.

In the kitchen, where there’s always need for plenty of light, whether natural or artificial, such designs are really great options. Their transparency helps keep the kitchen bright and functional.{found on tricklecreekhomes}.

Transparency is also important in the bedroom. But keep in mind that the ambiance here needs to be relaxing and pleasant so choose the light bulbs carefully.

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