Mediterranean Homes: Inspiration From the Inside Out

With a freeing, European air and a light, breezy vibe, Mediterranean home decor and architecture are both a great way to go stylistically if you’re looking for a refreshing and upbeat makeover. With a touch of the beach and a hint of Tuscan-flair, let’s take a dive into a variety of Mediterranean homes and grab some inspiration from the inside out.

Although this house is full of grandeur and luxury, it’s got the quintessential Mediterranean style with its sharp lines, custard-colored surface and red-tinted roof.

It’s like taking Tuscany into the bedroom. All of these neutral tones and bright accents make such a relaxing and luxurious feel to your personal space.{found on schippmanndesign}.

This home isn’t have traditional as the home architecture above but there is still quite a heavy emphasis on Mediterranean feelings. This house also have a contemporary inspiration with its gray tone and artistic window elements.

The golden hue surrounding this dining and living room is a classic accent to this type of styling. It’s as though this space was plucked right from the Mediterranean classics in Europe!

We are in love with the front of this gorgeous home as its Mediterranean inspiration has meshed with the addition of beautiful, Grecian columns to welcome every guests that comes inside.

We are in love with the beautiful mix of contemporary home styles with traditional, Mediterranean compliments. The sharp lines mix with the present-day feel of the balcony’s edging and landscaping with ease.{found on virtualimaging360}.

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