How Ceramic Garden Stools Made Their Way Into Our Homes

Maybe you’ve seen these cute barrel-shaped stools used in interior design and you thought they were quite charming. But, at the same time, there’s something that tells you they look a bit odd in this setting. That’s because, originally, these ceramic stools were used in gardens in China. Later they made their way indoors and became a classic feature of 20th century design. They are still used today in various types of settings.

For example, an ornate garden stool can look charming in a home office. It fits really well in this décor because of its faint yet fresh color. Chic and versatile, it’s a piece that can serve both as a stool or a side table.{found on oliveint}.

A more unusual setting for a Chinese garden stool would be the bathroom. Here, it could be a useful accent piece for a walk-in shower or simply in a corner of the room or in front of the vanity.{found on worthinteriors}.

Similarly, the ceramic garden stool proves its versatility in the living room as well. In here, it looks charming by the sofa, as an accent side table or between two armchairs. To emphasize the heritage of these lovely-looking pieces, include other Chinese-inspired elements.{found on jodellclarkedesigns}.

Though they’re quite quirky, these Chinese garden stools are able to blend in easily in a variety of interior decors. It\s a matter of selecting the right color and location and surrounding the piece with the right elements.{found on heatherzick}.

Since these stools were originally used outdoors, in traditional Chinese gardens, a design option can be to also bring in a few other nature-related elements, including plants. Then the result will be a fresh and laid back ambiance.{found on lincolnbarbour}.

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