Extensive Renovation Transforms A Rural Home Into A Work Of Art

Located in Mindelo, Vila do Conde, Portugal, the stunning residence you see here is the result of an extensive renovation conducted by Ernesto Pereira. Once a depersonalized structure with a typical rural construction, the house became a work of art as you can see from the images sent to us by photographer João Morgado.

The clients offered the architect an unlimited budget and time frame for this project. All the asked for was a house in which they’d love to live, a house that would inspire them. The final product was called the SilverWoodHouse and the total budget was 100.000 euros.

The rear of the house is facing a beautiful pool with a small bridge over it and a relaxing outdoor lounge area where one can relax in a hammock and enjoy the beautiful weather, being protected from the sun and rain. A set of beanbags also show just how casual this décor really is.

The outdoor hammock is placed in front of the dining room window/ glass wall. This creates a relaxed mood inside the house as well. The glass top table is surrounded by sculptural dining chairs and they’re all placed in the corner in a sort of nook.

A set of stairs can be seen behind the wine storage unit. They lead upstairs to the other zones. Here, on the ground floor, is the social area that also includes the living space. It’s a classy space with a comfortable sectional sofa and Eames lounge chairs. The tree is an expected accent feature.

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