Bohemian Makeup Vanity Designs With Accent Lights

Though makeup vanities may seem like a caprice, not a must-have, they often prove their practicality and become impossible to part with once their valuable statute is discovered. Makeup vanities with lights are particularly great additions to a home, offering a complete package.

And in case you were worried about the size of the mirror, this design changes the proportions. The actual vanity is small and doesn’t offer lots of storage but its design is sleek and minimalist white the mirror is large and well illuminated.

In case size is a problem and you’d rather not waste a lot of floor space with a makeup vanity, check out this quirky idea. The vanity itself is a repurposed suitcase. A mirror was attached to the inside of the suitcase while the interior is used as makeup storage.

Ideally, the vanity should be placed close to a source of natural light, such as in front of a window. But even then there’s need for artificial lighting and sconces can be attached to the window frame.{found on yaarch}.

Another possibility is to have the makeup vanity match the rest of the bathroom furniture. It could be simple such as this one: a large mirror with a shelf for makeup storage and pendant lights for task lighting and the well know birch tree wallpaper.

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